TEAM MANAGER ROLE – State Championship Men

Our State Championship Men are currently in need of a Team Manager for the 2018 season!

We are looking for a motivated team manager to support the team in all their needs to help them achieve success. Experience as a team manager is preferred.

Duties involve: 
-Attending both home and away games.
(Arriving an hour before games commence)
-Attending training sessions as required.
-Washing uniforms and towels between games.
-Responsible for uniforms and equipment.
-Communicating between the team and committee.
-Filling water bottles.
-Minimal first-aid required.
-Commitment until September 2018.
-Must be over 18 and hold a valid drivers licence.
-Must hold a valid working with children check.

Team Manager will receive small remuneration for their role.

If you are interested in taking up this role, please contact Jodie Krug:

Posted on Thursday 23rd November, 2017