Job Opportunity: Referee Development Officer



POSITION TITLE: Referee Development Officer


LINE MANAGER: Referees Advisor

The Casey Basketball Association (CBA) appoints a Referee Development Officer (RDO) to play an integral role in the coaching, development and retention of the referees of the VBRA – Casey Branch. The RDO will be expected to actively support and co-execute the strategies provided by the Referees Advisor. The RDO will also need to be able to influence key stakeholders and be able to work alongside Referee Supervisors to ensure the needs of the competition are met.



  1. Assist the Referees Advisor to conduct or facilitate the holding of beginner referee schools as required.
  2. As part of each referee school, attend the stadium during relevant sessions to assist in developing the trainees on court.
  3. Attend the stadium solely in the capacity of Referee Development Officer each week to assist in developing all referees and improving standards of officiating.
  4. Maintain a record of attendance at the stadium solely in the capacity of Referee Development Officer and furnish to CBA upon request.
  5. Provide regular formal and informal feedback to all referees whilst at the stadium solely in the capacity of Referee Development Officer.
  6. Encourage equal participation in refereeing regardless of gender or any other attribute.
  7. Assist the Referees Advisor to disseminate information regarding rule changes, interpretations and mechanics of basketball refereeing to appropriate people, including referees, players, coaches and administrators, via different mediums including verbal, email and social media communications.
  8. Assist Referee Supervisors in ensuring policies of Casey Basketball (CBA), Basketball Victoria (BV) and Victorian Basketball Referees Association (VBRA), including uniform policy, are adhered to.
  9. In conjunction with the Referee Advisor, identify and motivate current referees for upgrading, and education courses, seminars or lectures conducted by BV or VBRA.
  10. Liaise with CBA, VBRA – Casey Branch and the Referees Advisor on issues or concerns regarding the referee program.



  1. Be in attendance at least 15 minutes before the start of the first game of the session and remain at the venue until the completion of the allotted shift.
  2. Be visible and available during allotted shift.
  3. Ensure the CBA By-Laws are applied consistently.
  4. Evaluate referees during your shift. Give them written or verbal feedback.


  1. Always set an example for all referees and be receptive to direction from the CBA and VBRA – Casey Branch.
  2. In consultation with the CBA, assist the Referees Advisor as required.
  3. In the absence of the Referee Advisor, assist in answering all questions pertaining to officiating and interpretation of the rules.
  4. Liaise with CBA staff regarding any issues during the session (complaints, roster changes etc.)
  5. Assist referees and supervisors (where capacity allows) during the shift.
  6. Provide support and encouragement to all referees.


  • Must be a financial Level 1A Referee
  • Must hold a Level 2 Referee Coach accreditation (or be able to achieve within 6 months)
  • Not play in a team on a Day/Night that is worked.
  • Possess a level of experience in order to carry out duties as per the position description.
  • Be willing to travel to outer venues when necessary.
  • Hold a current Working with Children’s Check.
  • Possess the skills necessary for effective communication of feedback and coaching.


  • Tuesday: 6:30pm – 10:45pm
  • Thursday: 6:30pm – 10:45pm
  • Saturday: 11:45am – 7:45pm


All applications are to be sent to by 5pm on Thursday, 6th December.


Posted on Monday 19th November, 2018