January 3×3 Tournament!

January 3×3 Tournament!

January 21st: 9am – 4pm @ Casey Stadium

8 Games Guaranteed!

4 players maximum per team.

You MUST provide a scorer.

Age is as at the day of the event!
(E.g. If you are 11 on January 21st, you can play in the U12 competition)

U10, U12, U14, U16, U23 Competitions

Wheelchair Competition
Wheelchair 3×3 is open to everyone aged 17 and under.
You cannot participate in both an able bodied competition and a wheelchair competition.
Wheelchair 3×3 is a fun opportunity to try something new, anyone can participate.
Referees and staff will assist participants with rules and gameplay.

CLICK HERE to register a team!

Casey Basketball 3×3 Rules


Posted on Thursday 6th December, 2018