Casey Basketball Association
Terms & Conditions


1. I will abide by the Basketball Victoria Codes of Conduct.

2. I will abide by the Casey Basketball Association By-Laws.

3. As the participant or parent of participant, I agree, for my child or myself to attend Casey Basketball Association development programs, comeptitions or events that may be held at the Casey Indoor Leisure Centre, Timbarra Community Stadium, Berwick Indoor Sports Centre, Hillcrest Christian College, Beaconhills College (Berwick Campus) or any other venue that may be utilised by the Casey Basketball Association.

4. I permit the staff of Casey Basketball Association to act on my behalf should my child, myself or any person directly or indirectly involved in any Casey Basketball Association competition, program or event require medical attention, and hereby release Casey Basketball Association from any liability should my child, myself or any person directly or indirectly involved in any Casey Basketball Association competition, program be injured during the course of the development program, competition or event.

5. I give permission to Casey Basketball Association for photographs and video to be taken of my child and myself.
5a. This only applies to the individual registered to the team. For example, if an adult is registered in a senior team, photo can only be taken of the adult and not of their child. However, if an adult is registering their child in a team, this gives permission for photos to be taken of their child.
5b. This gives permission to only authorised staff members of the Casey Basketball Association to take photos. It does not give permission to the everyday person to take photos.

6. I give permission to Casey Basktball Association to use any photographs or videos taken at its programs, competitions or events in their marketing material.

7. I agree to receive marketing materials sent to my email address. Marketing materials may promote both the Casey Basketball Association and its’ sponsors.
7a. Information will not be passed onto third parties.
7b. To opt out of marketing communications, you must send an email to with your full name and contact email.

8. All payments made for any program, comeptition or event run by the Casey Basketball Association are non-refundable unless otherwise stated.

9. As the team contact, I agree, it is my responsibility to notify our players of the playing times and any tribunal reports.

10. By checking the box “Terms & Conditions” on the team/individual registration form, I agree to follow the above terms and conditions.