2023 Casey Cavaliers Youth League Teams

Youth League Team Announcement!
Casey Basketball are excited to announced that the following people have been selected as part of the 2023 #GYG Casey Cavalier Youth League squads! These teams will once again compete in Big V Victorian Youth Championship!
Casey Cavaliers Youth Champ Women
Jolie Brown
Keira Brown
Dakota Crichton
Lucy Dexter
Niamh Donald
Jayde Dykes
Riley Ese
Katie Field
Myah Healey
Erin Moloney
Asha Nightingale
Rebecca Peacock
Kaitlyn Scott
Kim Shankland
Kyra Webb
Hayley Wood
Casey Cavaliers Youth Champ Men
Corey Roos
Dylan Bucknell
Ky Taylor
Kobe Miles
Archer McMenamin
Ben Waller
Blake Shankland
Blake Taylor
Ethan Bolton
Jayden Route
Justin Ochaya
Tony Marchese
Tot Jok
Truman Byrne
Congratulations to all who have been selected and continue your hard work in the pre-season! The season will commence in March 2023.
You can lock in your season ticket here: https://www.caseybasketball.com.au/2023members/
Posted on Sunday 16th October, 2022