Casey Basketball are excited to present this fantastic opportunity.

For the first time in Casey Basketball history, we will be offering corporate boxes at all NBL1 home games.

These corporate boxes provide the following opportunities:

  • Rewards for those attending.
  • Corporate experience on gameday.
  • VIP seating for all NBL1 games.
  • Promotion at NBL1 games for your club via a corflute sign in front of your box.
  • Catering options are available.

The price for these boxes is as follows:

  • Uncatered box (6 people) – $1,500 + GST per season ($1,100 + GST for the remaining 8 games)
    • Catering available at a per game basis of $150 per game.
  • Catered box (6 people) – $2,850 + GST ($2,100 + GST for the remaining 8 games)
    • Catering includes a snack, 12x drinks, food platter between games.


Click here to purchase your corporate box today!