Congratulations to the following players on being selected into a team or onto the emergency list.

If you do not see your name here, unfortunately, you have not been selected into a team.

If you have been unsuccessful in the tryout process, we would like to invite you to join our P3 Domestic Basketball Academy.
More information on the academy can be found here. The Academy is currently undergoing a revamp and will be relaunched in term 4.

Please contact Mitch for additional information on the academy:

As updated on 21/10/2019

All queries on the below list can be sent to:

Please ensure you read ALL of the below information!

Team selections are indicative only, as changes can be made up until Australia Day Tournament.

Please register to accept your position – CLICK HERE TO ACCEPT YOUR POSITION

If you are not going to accept your position in the team selected, please email by Tuesday 22/10/19

First Practice (Midweek Practice) All players must attend.
Training commences this week unless otherwise stated.
All Cavaliers practices are mandatory and are priority over domestic.

21.1: Wednesdays 7:45pm – 9:45pm @ BISC (Kambrya) – Court 2

Second Practice (Sunday Practice) All players must attend.
Sunday Practices commence on 3rd November. The induction day will take place on the 27th October.

There is NO second practice for U21.

Practice games – We have the following dates set for practice games

Practice games will be advised at a later date.


To register and accept your position please click here
All players have 24 hours to accept their position in the team. This MUST be completed by Tuesday 22/10/19

You will receive an invoice for your fees by Thursday the 24th October 2019. To accept your position in the Cavaliers program, you must make a minimum payment of $280 by Sunday 27th October 2019.

Please be advised you must also register online using the attached link to finalise your registration into a team. (This is separate from registering for the TRY OUTS)

You must read the parent/player handbook prior to registration. The handbook and all other forms can be found here.

Payment Options:

On your invoice, there will be a link to pay online using your card details. This is a secure payment method.


Cost is $550.00 for the season + $10 for Cavaliers Education Pack (includes $25 fundraising levy, Cavaliers Education Pack and is subject to the refund policy).
Minimum Deposit of $280.00 is required upon registration (compulsory to hold your place) and the remainder is due as per your plan selected on the online registration.

Thursday 24th October 2019

All new players will be required to order a uniform package. Total uniform package cost is $335.00.

Uniform night is on 24th October at Casey Stadium (function room) from 5:00pm – 9:30pm. All orders must be paid for in full.
This is only for NEW PLAYERS only.
RETURNING PLAYERS will be sized up for their new uniform at induction day. New uniforms are compulsory for all returning players and are $110.

If you can’t make this day, arrangements must be made via the office on 5996 6033 or via

Sunday 27th October 2019

U21 Boys induction: 12:30pm – 2:00pm @ Casey Stadium 

Players are required to bring training gear, drink bottle, basketball and pen. Cavaliers Education Packs will be given to all athletes on this day.

U21 Boys

Team – U21 Boys 1
Coach- Jayden McMillin

Jake Barnard
Luke Rawiri
Tom Moxham
Jayden Route
Bailey Spalding
Corey Roos
Kobe Miles
Vladimir Stevancevic
Liam Ingram
Zac McMenamin
Dean Walles
Mitchell Todd

To register and accept your position please click here
All players have 24 hours to accept their position in the team. This MUST be completed by Tuesday 22/10/19

EMERGENCIES (Not required to register at this time and are listed in no particular order):

Cameron Mur
Thomas Cuthbert
Rajveer Singh